Founder and CEO

Frank Pavilonis

Frank Pavilonis began his career as a Series 3 licensed commodities broker at the Chicago Board of Trade when he crossed paths with legendary domain investor Frank Schilling. Recognizing Pavilonis' potential, Schilling invited him to join Uniregistry, a budding start-up in Grand Cayman with a modest team of 25.

Starting out as a domain broker, Frank's exceptional performance led him to Newport Beach, California, where he was entrusted to direct sales for Uniregistry’s registrar. Under his stewardship, the company experienced meteoric growth, growing from zero to over 3 million domains under management in a mere 2.5 years.

With a proven track record, Frank was tasked with directing business development for Uniregistry's portfolio of 22 gTLDs. This role further expanded his network and industry knowledge. He soon identified an opportunity outside Uniregistry, leading him to consult for Dominion Enterprises, a tech powerhouse in Virginia Beach, VA (owners of and others). Here, he revamped a registry business model for their 5 gTLDs, resulting in a staggering 400% sales increase.

Uniregistry, recognizing his prowess, beckoned him back to head of business development for Uniregistry Market, their domain name brokerage, a business generating just shy of nine figures annually. After Uniregistry's $200 million acquisition by GoDaddy, Frank transitioned to consulting for the CentralNic Group in London. He masterminded plans to expand their domain portfolio, leading it to grow from 15,000 to over 230,000 domains. His strategy focused on growth, monetization and sales distribution, leading to a significant increase in sales and net revenue.

Having dedicated over a decade to the domain name industry, Frank has played a pivotal role in domain sales exceeding $150 million. Although his highest sales remain confidential due to NDAs, he boasts four low- to mid-seven-figure sales from outbound initiatives and numerous other successful transactions.

Frank continues to maintain longstanding partnerships with IP Law firms, registries, registrars, large domain investors, and venture capitalists - supporting them in their pursuit of buying and selling domains. Please reach out if Frank can be of service to you! 

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